Meet Lotik.

Lotik wireless sensors provide point-of-use water monitoring to track usage and detect leaks before they happen.

Detect leaks
before they happen.

Lotik sensors track data from your water fixtures. The dashboard lets you monitor water consumption in real-time and get alerts if plumbing issues are detected.

Save up to 40%
on water bills.

Get insight into how much water your building uses – and incentivize tenants to conserve usage and reduce costs.

Go green
with ease.

Sensors clamp onto pipes in seconds and enable your building to comply with LEED and Enterprise Green Communities standards.

Innovate Lotik Sensor

monitors leaking water pipes in real-time.


Lōtik customers benefit from easy to understand data about when water is used, where it is used, and advanced notification of water leaks.

Customers can configure Lōtik to send customizable text or email alerts for high water usage, water leaks, and burst pipes. Lōtik sensors may be installed wherever water is used.





Real-Time Water Sub Monitoring

Unlike expensive ultrasonic or traditional flow meters, installation is a snap. Lightweight and low-cost hardware provides a simple paycheck within 2 to 3 years.

Just clamp your Lōtik sensor on any water supply pipe, and get ready to receive real-time water intelligence at toilets, sinks, showers, and other points of water use.