wireless water intelligence

Lotik’s smart system of wireless sensors provides "point-of-use" water monitoring to track usage and detect leaks.

Water Monitoring as a Service

Complete Solution: From Sensor to Savings

Wireless Sensors

Lōtik sensors clamp onto pipes and plumbing fixtures to detect water flow and identify leaks.

Battery Life

Sensors go to sleep when not in use and wake up when there is water flow to conserve battery. Sensors can last 3-5 years.


Wireless gateway sends data to the cloud for analysis. Most deployments only need one gateway.

Dashboard and API

Lotik provides a dashboard to access real-time water data or an API for you to integrate your water data in your own app.

Cloud-Based Analysis

Our back-end uses proprietary algorithms to continually understand flow, detect anomalies, and increase savings by letting you know the second there's a problem.

No Tools Required

Sensors can be installed in minutes. No tools required. All sensor components are water, humidity and tamper-proof. Lotik's discreet, low-profile design fades into the existing aesthetic.


Lōtik customers benefit from easy to understand data about when water is used, where it is used, and advanced notification of water leaks.

Customers can configure Lōtik to send customizable text or email alerts for high water usage, water leaks, and burst pipes. Lōtik sensors may be installed wherever water is used.





Property Benefits

  • Early identification of problems prevents water damage and allows for preventive maintenance.
  • Anonymous usage reports can decrease consumption, saving money & water.
  • When the entire building reduces consumption, nobody gets stuck with high water bills.

Resident Benefits

  • Reduce liability associated with water damage and insurance claims.
  • Adheres to environmental green building criteria for water sub-monitoring.
  • Stop leaky toilets and reduce wasted water, saving money on operating costs.

Water Sub Monitoring

One App One Snap

Unlike expensive ultrasonic or traditional flow meters, installation is a snap.

Lightweight and low-cost hardware pays for itself within 2 to 3 years.

Just clamp your Lōtik sensor on any water supply pipe and get ready to receive real-time water intelligence at toilets, sinks, showers, and other points of water use.

The Rising Cost of Water

Clean water is the world’s most important resource. As water stress increases in urban centers, conservation efforts have also increased. However, no mechanism exists in urban centers to conserve water. This is because water usage is monitored on the building level, but not the unit level.

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